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Help -  I dont know what to order 

what grind should i get if i don't have a coffee machine?

All of our blends are delicious. However the following may help you make your choice: 

If you want something sweet - we recommend going for the Chocolaty Toffee Puccini. It's taste has a sweet and subtle tone.

If you're after something smooth then we would recommend the Big Blue Mountain

If strong is how you like it, then the African Toto will be a good choice. 

There are endless ways to make a good coffee. A very quick, easy and cost effective way to make a smooth tasting coffee is to use a cafetière. The best grind for this is French Press.  

If you have a Nespresso or any other pod machine, you can pack a reusable pod with our coffee for a great taste. The best grind for this is French Press. Remember to pack your pod tight with minimal air.


Aeropress set-ups have become quite popular over the past few years they are also a very fast, easy and inexpensive way to brew a coffee. If you have an aeropress and want a coffee packed full of flavour, then aeropress coarse is the grind for you.  

top 5 blends

  1. Chocolaty Toffee Puccini

  2. Big Blue Mountain 

  3. African Toto 

  4. Kenyan Safari 

  5. Antiguan Sun

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