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Fairer Than Fairtrade

Here at Lux London Coffee House we believe that Fairtrade is about far more than the price guarantee which in reality often gets impacted by the likes of commodity traders and intermediaries. Sure we could join the Rainforest Alliance, and put a Fairtrade sticker on our page – but we would rather not considering the multitude of misinformation that is often circulated with such labels. We believe in paying a rate that makes a true difference. A price that is deserved and recognises the true hard work that coffee farmers put in, and a price that reflects their talent and expertise. That to us is the true meaning of respect and ethics.


It is not just about better prices for producers. Lux London is creat

ed by two individuals who truly value adding value, we invest time, effort and funding into local communities. We ensure that we contribute to better local infrastructures, education and initiatives that enable and empower farmers, suppliers and local consumers alike. Building great relationships is just the start, we believe in ensuring the farmers we work with have our full support and are not exploited. That’s why not only do we often pay almost double what Fairtrade requires, we also ensure that our farmers understand the chain of supply, value their importance, and understand their worth. We believe that really taking time to invest from the ground up is the very best way to ensure that the communities are self-sustaining and have long term impacts for generations to come.

We commit to A fairer payday and respect to all of the farmers that we work with

It is important to understand that this is not about charity. We feel that what local communities need less of is people viewing them like they are less than. Coffee farmers are experts, they hold generational knowledge that most of us can only dream of. They work very long hours collecting cherries at the right ripeness, removing deficits by hand, vigilantly monitoring fermentation and this is just the start. A lot goes into every cup and this is a process that needs respect and recognition.

In sticking to our principles and using a fairer than Fairtrade ethos, many of the injustices of conventional trade, which discriminate against local farmers, can be countered by enabling and actively encouraging coffee growers and producers to improve their position. Our company is about promoting positive and long-term change through trade-based relationships. To succeed and continue to progress our industry needs independent organisations to continue pursuing equality for all not only in name, but also in practice.

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